The Consumer Is Changing


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Is your sales team adapting to the new reality?

The customer experience has never been more important. Offering the right home comfort and indoor air quality system options is critical to the consumer experience and the health of your business. Too often, the customer’s purchase journey leads to unmet home comfort needs. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Simplii Consulting’s exclusive GroundGame workshop, powered by Decision Analyst’s industry leading American Home Comfort Study, focuses on real, actionable improvements for your sales team and contact center in the following areas:

•Sales Process Improvement
•Revenue Opportunities within Consumer Purchase Trends
•Value Creation & Ground Level Execution

GroundGame helps your team improve your customer experience, drive productivity, and deliver results to your bottom line.

GroundGame Delivers.

My name is Tom Brittain, President of Home Services for Simplii Consulting.I am proud to launch GroundGame, an interactive, consumer data-driven workshop designed to help contractors improve the in-home customer experience and drive additional revenue.

I’ve worked with hundreds of home service providers throughout North America in various sales, brand and product marketing roles with a major HVAC manufacturer over the past decade.In my experience, a few traits elevate the best contractors above the rest.The best always maximize market opportunities, understand today’s consumer and continuously improve the customer’s experience.For the best, excellence is a daily pursuit.They understand that success requires adaptation and change at the ground level, closest to the consumer.If you want your organization to be the best, you cannot repeat the same inconsistent strategies and expect different results.

GroundGame delivers the insight, process and accountability to transform your team, improving your customer experience, raising average tickets and generating more revenue and margin for your business.Are you ready for your sales team to gain new ground and keep it in 2021?

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